David's Story

I am a son of parents who understood people and prioritized philanthropy. My dad, a WWII Army veteran exemplified hard work and putting others before yourself. I am grateful for the lessons taught by my mom and dad and their instilling in me my faith, and the values of leading with others in mind, with compassion and empathy, and choosing courage over comfort.

I have a rich history in the City of Peoria and the northwest valley, with my mom and her siblings graduating from Peoria High School in the 1930s. My Aunt Toni Lebario was the first Hispanic-woman business owner in Peoria, my wife is a Cactus High School graduate and our two children are products of Parkridge Elementary and Sunrise Mountain High School.

I have a vast experience in serving on boards from major healthcare systems to education, which have honed my innate ability for taking an engaged and informed approach as I collaborate with others to understand first in order to make a global and relevant impact.

I am a local business owner and am in my third term as the President of the Peoria Unified School District governing board. I will continue to ensure that our most valuable assets, our youth, are provided with an equitable opportunity to be successful. I will prioritize the voice of our community as input versus feedback and be a leader that works with you to safeguard a life of fulfillment for all. This means having an unwavering commitment to being engaged and ensuring that you feel heard.

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