Engaged leader with a rich history in the west valley and the City of Peoria

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  • “It is my pleasure to offer my endorsement and support to PUSD Governing Board member David Sandoval. During his tenure on the Board, he has diligently worked to serve the students and families of the District. Mr. Sandoval has exhibited a consistent, sensible approach to leadership, always with student impact at the forefront of his decisions. The health of the Peoria Unified School District is critical to the health of the City of Peoria. That is why I support David Sandoval for the PUSD Governing Board.”
    Cathy Carlat
    City of Peoria Mayor
  • “David Sandoval does what good school board members know to do, and that is do your homework, show-up and always put the needs of the students, the teachers and the staff at the forefront. David is an excellent school board member and I hope that you will help me re-elect him. Please join me in re-electing David Sandoval to the Peoria school board.”
    Kathy Knecht
    Retired Teacher/State House Candidate
  • “It’s important for people to go out and vote in this election for School Board. I am going to back up someone that I think is important to our community and that individual is David Sandoval. I am looking at someone to continue the path of helping out kids, and I support everything that he has done in the past 4-years. He is a public servant and we need him to continue to be a part of our School Board to make those tough decisions. I hope that you re-elect David Sandoval as a School Board member here in the Peoria Unified School District.”
    Sammy Chagolla
    School Administrator
  • "David Sandoval has served on the Governing Board for the past 4-years and is a champion of education. David is a true advocate for all children. I have come to know that David values the impact that teachers have on students. He works diligently to offer an inclusive environment for all Peoria Unified School District stakeholders…teachers, staff, parents and specifically students. I invite you to join me in voting to keep David Sandoval on the Peoria Unified School District Governing Board. Your voice is important, and David will make sure that it is heard"
    Eva Osuna
    Community Leader/Retired Teacher
  • “I am proud to endorse the re-election of David Sandoval. David has proven that he is invested in our students and our teachers. He doesn’t just attend events, he is very present, getting to know our student-athletes and showing that he generally cares. Re-electing David Sandoval is crucial to our accountability, as we are responsible for our most precious resource…our children.”
    Cari Bauer
  • "I put my strong support behind David Sandoval in his bid for re-election for the PUSD Governing Board. David has demonstrated his commitment to the PUSD community by displaying his ability to come at issues from an informed perspective. David invests in his knowledge of the issues and puts a good deal of thought and effort into the decisions and ideas that he puts forth. His compassion, commitment, character do well and are the kind of leadership that we need. I would urge you to join me in supporting David Sandoval’s re-election bid for the Peoria Unified School District Governing Board.”
    Curtis Aylward
  • “I am a product of the Peoria Unified School District and have two children attending District schools. I am endorsing David, so he can continue to do wonderful things for our District and to lead us during these trying times. Please join me in supporting David Sandoval for this election for school board.”
    Danielle Padia
    PUSD Parent
  • “I am endorsing David, because he understands the importance of working with the students, the District and the City. I have worked with David and he does a very fine job. So, I ask you to please join me on election day and vote for David Sandoval. He is important and the City needs him.”
    Bob Barrett
    Former Peoria Mayor
  • “I am very proud to endorse David Sandoval to be re-elected to the Peoria Unified School District Governing Board. David has been a fantastic voice for the people of the Peoria School District. He has the right experience, the right commitment and the right passion for all of our students, all of our teachers and all of the quality programs that the Peoria District provides. Please vote yes for David.”
    Martin Quezada
    State Senator and PUSD Alumnus
  • “Vote “YES” for David Sandoval for Peoria Unified School District Governing Board member. He is a phenomenal governing board member, who supports our students and our teachers and our programs that help our students achieve. He really understands education and how it works to better not just the individual but the entire community. Please join me in re-electing David Sandoval for the Peoria Unified School District Governing Board.”
    Dr. Patti Beltram
    Parent and CTE Leader
  • “David Sandoval stands out. David would get to know the students, he would talk to them, he would ask them questions. He was there on our campus whenever we needed him. David got to know the staff members, asked us questions about what we are teaching and figured out what it was that we needed. Join me in supporting and voting for David Sandoval for the 2020 Peoria Unified School District Governing Board.”
    Melissa Grimscheid
  • “David has always been someone who I have looked up to, he is someone of integrity, he’s got amazing intelligence and he is willing to dig in. I am not afraid to have David make decisions for me as a teacher, I am not afraid to have him make decisions about my own grandchildren as students. Please join me in supporting David Sandoval for another term on our Peoria Unified School District board.”
    Marcy Robb
  • “My friend David Sandoval has been an advocate for public schools. He’s a public-school graduate himself, he married a woman who graduated from Cactus High School and both of his children attended Peoria Unified schools. As school board President, he’s been able to bring a multitude of voices to the room and have them heard in an organized format. We need calmness in this time and David brings that steady hand and experience. Please join me in supporting David Sandoval for the 2020 Peoria Unified School District Governing Board.”
    Shawn Carothers
  • "I had the opportunity and privilege to work with David the majority of his tenure as a school board member of the Peoria Unified School District. He has a natural ability to bring all stakeholders together in order to make informed and relevant decisions on behalf of the fourth largest school district in Arizona. His forward thinking and courageous leadership is critical to the success of our most valuable assets...our youth. David understands the importance of creating a culture of inspiration. One that encourages trust and values our teachers and staff ensuring that our student's learning environments nurture creativity and foster innovation."
    Linda Palles-Thompson
    Educator and former PUSD Superintendent
  • "It is without hesitation that I endorse Mr. David Sandoval for the following reasons, his diplomatic leadership style, commitment to equity and inclusion, and investment in our community. All are evident in his efforts to always lead with others in mind."
    Monica Ceja-Martinez
    Governing Board Member Peoria Unified School District
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